We Are Mer-Made

We help merfolk develop their freediving skills, give them space to play and find enjoyment underwater. We offer training, trips and monthly Tidals so that you can take your mermaid journey places you never dreamed possible.

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The UK's only dedicated diving school for merfolk

Whether you're looking for mermaid training, a mermaid experience, a mermaid school or to become part of the UK mermaid community.

Whether you're a beginner mermaid, a professional mermaid or a mermaid-in-training.

Whether you're a merman, merperson or mermaid. Whether you want to learn to relax underwater, learn to equalise, learn to swim dolphin kick, or learn mermaid tricks.

Whether you want to try mermaiding in Brighton, Bristol, Haywards Heath, Birmingham or further afield.

Whether you want to take your mermaid journey on location trips to the Red Sea, Barbados, deep pools in Brussels and Germany or island hopping in Greece.

Whether you want to tick mermaiding off your bucket list, try a one off mermaid experience day, or take our opportunities to train regularly and develop your mermaid skills.

Come join us.

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